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I Believe in Absolutely NO COMPROMISE!

First of all let me thankyou and welcome you here. Every person I can connect with is one more I can impact and strengthen for the Kingdom of God.

As stated above I absolutely believe in NO COMPROMISE. To put it simple it means I cannot compromise on my beliefs for the sake of your opinions or feelings. It’s not that I enjoy offending people, or that I even want that to happen. HOWEVER, when the Gospel and the Kingdom is being proclaimed truth comes forward and may times not as we would expect.

As you watch some of my YouTube videos, read my books, or scroll through my blogs try to remember I am NOT a perfect person. I am in my own mind the chief of all sinners. I have so much to learn on a daily basis. I am merely a man on a journey and inviting you to come along for the ride.

Welcome to my website, Welcome to my life, and Welcome to my future!


Are Tattoo’s Sin?

…Having tattoos and being a missionary was no easy task. Remember I live in a culture where some pastors tell their Church members that to shave their legs, cut their hair, or even not wear certain clothes such as a long skirt or heavy suit is sin. Holiness is a good thing but not when it leads to global ignorance and in many cases authoritative abuse…


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