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Unsafe Honesty

Unsafe HonestyUnsafe Honesty is a message series that the Lord Jesus has been stirring my heart with these past few years. We live in a time of political correctness, we live in a time of lost focus, and worst of all we live in a time of infidelity from behind the pulpits of our beautiful congregations.

There is a remnant of strong men and women of God who are doing their very best to be a light in this present darkness. However these men and women of God you will probably never hear of their names nor have the ability to listen to their messages. It’s not for a lack of effort on their part, it’s simply because the world in its current state, is being pulled away faster and faster. There is a present and powerful darkness sweeping across the lands and in recent times it is beginning to manifest itself within our congregational walls.

I have seen this coming for years yet I tried to discount it. I attempted to convince myself that it wasn’t as severe as it appeared. In front of the whole world, and especially those who have faithfully followed me throughout the years I owe you an apology. While I have always attempted to preach the truth and be a light in the darkness, I haven’t done it as well as I sought out to.

I remember when I first decided to enter full time ministry. I had many opportunities in front of me. In fact I had promises of a beautiful career and to one day become financially prosperous. However I choose the opposite path because I saw the problem and thought I could be part of the solution. I was young and eager enough to take on the entire world if necessary.

Throughout the last several years, little by little that fire has begun to dwindle to a mere spark. Throughout each of the situations I found myself in and the various disappointments that would come my way, my youthful dreams and beliefs of being able to make a change have slowly died. I now write these words in a state of mourning and regret yet with a glimmer of hope for the future of our beloved faith.

This past weekend as I opened my worn Bible to proclaim the Gospel something changed. As I begun to read the words of Christ my eyes focused on the congregation and my heart broke beyond repair. They couldn’t care less about the words I was reading. They were simply waiting for the book close and the entertainment and thought provoking message to begin. Closing the Holy Book, I brought the microphone closer to my lips and said these words: “Those of you who wouldn’t even take a moment to look at the words that were being read…. YOU are part of the problem.”

I couldn’t believe I said something so audacious. This wasn’t my Church, I was an invited guest brought with the intention of entertaining the many who called this church their home. Throughout the last several years of full time ministry this had become an all too common routine for me. My message has always been strong and solely focused on the Gospel, even when the intentions of the presiding Pastor was to bring me with hopes of entertainment for his dwindling flock. This night however, I had enough and couldn’t take it anymore. I made a decision that could possible bring about my destruction.

Starting that night, I will begin to proclaim the Kingdom of God. The message of the Kingdom of God is a message of unsafe honesty. It is exactly the type of messages that brought about the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior. What has for years been expected of me is not the reason I entered the ministry. If I don’t say something now, I don’t think I could live with myself anymore.

I am no longer concerned with the opinions of others. I am no longer concerned with the consequences of my messages. I am and will be forevermore only concerned with the opinion of the One who was crucified on my behalf. I am tired of being part of the problem, I am ready to be part of the solution. I am beginning a YouTube series entitled “Unsafe Honesty” that will go through in more detail and specific focuses on this topic. It is time to bring into the light the truth of the Kingdom of God once again.

For those of you who are easily offended, or for those of you who will not appreciate this unsafe honesty – GoodBye. For those of you reading this that feel as I feel – WELCOME, I am so happy and honored to have you with me as together we proclaim the Kingdom of God.

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